Friday, 6 February 2015

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Saturday, 26 July 2014

My 52 Week Crochet Challenge: Week 21

Week 21

What is your favourite crochet hook and why?

I have used a few different crochet hooks over the years.  I've used wooden hooks, bamboo ones, plastic, aluminium and steel.  I'd have to say that out of the hooks I've tried in the past, my favourite crochet hook would have to be the aluminium Boye hooks.  They are somewhat easy on the hands (the smaller you get, the harder it becomes, but that's understandable.  Sometimes I use a plastic gripper on the smaller, thinner hooks for a better grip) the yarn slides easily on the hooks and I find it much easier to fit the aluminium hooks into tighter spots.

I cannot stand using plastic crochet hooks.  I once was in a pinch and had misplaced my "G/6-4.25mm" hook and was pattern testing and on a deadline.  I had to run over to Walmart and buy another G/6-4.25mm hook, but to my surprise, they were all out of the Boye aluminium hooks.  All they had were these plastic hooks.  I had no choice but to buy one.  Worst mistake ever!!  I should have just hopped over to Michael's and purchased my hook there instead of wasting a few bucks on a lousy hook that I only used for all of one project before I gave it away (sorry for the rant).  The hook did not sit nicely in my hand and what annoyed me the most, is how the yarn stuck to the hook.  There was so much friction, crocheting became a chore.  I ended up giving the hook away to a very beginner crocheter.  I thought the friction that horrible hook created would help her not drop as many stitches and it would help her go slower so she could pay more attention to detail.  I did warn her that it was a horrible hook but she liked it until she got more confident and now she doesn't know how she ever used it.  It was a Red Heart plastic crochet hook.  I do not recommend them AT ALL!!! 

My 52 Week Crochet Challenge: Week 20

Week 20

It's Christmas in July!  Start by planning and starting your Christmas and/or Holiday projects.

For Christmas this year, I'm going to try and crochet this this beautiful blanket by Red Heart.  It's quite the challenge...or so it seems.  I have not yet attempted to try a spiral pattern, so this will be new for me.  I will be using the recommended Red Heart Soft yarn.  I will post photos as I go along. 

My 52 Week Crochet Challenge: Week 19

Week 19

Have you ever made a crochet item that you've seen on TV or in a movie? If yes, show us a picture. If no, find a pattern you'd like to make and link to it. Hint: The Ravelry forums are a great place to find topics like this!

No, I have not made an item that I've seen on tv or in a movie.  I do love these hats which was showcased on Orange is the New Black and would love to try finding the pattern and make it for the fall.  

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

My 52 Week Crochet Challenge: Week 18

Week 18

 Name movie or TV show in which someone is crocheting, or that has a crocheted item in it.

Well, this weeks challenge is easy, Veronica Mars the tv show.  They actually feature a lot of crocheted items throughout the series.  Everything from a blue and white crocheted afghan to a pink purse, a necklace, scarfs and hats and even a very pretty top.

Here's a hat worn by Wallace's girlfriend, Jackie, in season 2, episode 13 "Ain't No Mountain High Enough"

and here's Parker breaking up with Logan in season 3, episode 20 "The Bitch is Back"

and Veronica's purse in season 3, episode 2 "My Big Fat Greek Rush Week"

I have just started watching the Netflix Original show Orange is the New Black and have not only noticed a lot of crocheted items in just about every episode, but you actually get to see the older inmates crocheting to keep busy!

My 52 Week Crochet Challenge: Week 17

Week 17

Celebrate the First Day of Summer (June 27,2014) by crocheting a beach or summer fun project.

For this weeks project I have decided to crochet my youngest son a summer hat for the beach.  We will be going on holiday to Prince Edward Island, where the sand and dirt is red because of the high iron content.  I've made his hat using pure white cotton in hopes that we can stain it with the sand, dirt and clay to turn the hat a rust colour.  On the island they actually sell shirts, hats, bags...etc that have been stained with island mud, but I thought it would be cooler if we made our own...or at least try.  I used this simple yet cute hat pattern by Kiel Lemon.  I have augmented it slightly to fit my son's head.
My model having too much fun posing for the camera!  

My 52 Week Crochet Challenge: Week 16

Week 16

Find a small crochet pattern, such as a square or motif, that has a stitch chart. Work the project from only the chart, without following any written instructions.

I SUCK at following pattern stitch charts so I searched for the easiest pattern I could find that had a chart I could follow.  After several attempts to follow charts in the many many MANY crochet books I own, I found this pattern here by Lana creations; a cute, small little flower.  This challenge was a challenge because to my eyes, everything just blurs together and makes a mess.  I blew up the stitch chart and followed step by step marking off the steps I've completed as I worked.