Thursday, 27 February 2014

The Fuzzy Polar Bear

My 3 year old son is really into yarn.  He loves playing with all the soft and colourful left over scraps of yarn I have.  One day he was going through my stash (which is a decent size) and rooting around the bottom.  He came across a skein of Bernat Pipsqueak and fell in love.  He carried that skein around with him everywhere and I've even caught him trying to go to sleep with it.  I asked him if I could make him a "blankie" with it and he said no because he already has a blankie, he wanted a hat.  I came across this pattern for a Fuzzy Polar Bear Hat and one night when he was sleeping I crocheted it for him.  The next morning I gave it to my son and he was so happy he kept rubbing it on his cheek saying "It's so soft.  Thank you Mummy.  I love you!"  He loves his polar bear hat and wears it everywhere.  He also loves telling strangers who comment on the hat how soft it is and that it was made just for him.  A link to the pattern can be found here.

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