Saturday, 1 March 2014

Before the Fox, there was the Owl

Back to school time, owls were everywhere.  There were owl inspired blankets, key chains, hats, mitts, coasters and toys....basically, you name it and there was an owl for that!

I was looking for a really cute owl hat to make for my son back in September.  I came across this super cute pattern by Rhondda Mol, owner of Ommbawaka Design, and I fell in love with it immediately, it's such a cute hat.  I crocheted it up on one of our trips home from Windsor, On (visiting the grandparents).  I asked my eldest to model the hat for me because I was making the hat for him; he told me he didn't like it very much because he was afraid the kids at school would make fun of him for wearing it.  I told him if he wore it for one day and he really didn't like it, I wouldn't make him wear it after that and I would give the hat to someone else.  After school on Monday I asked if he wanted me to give the hat away, he forcefully replied "No way!!"  I asked him what changed his mind and he said "All the girls think I'm really cute with it on!"  It was so funny!!  The hat turned out to be such a hit at school (especially with all the little girls).  He has worn this hat almost every day since October 2013.  Now he switches between his Poke’ball hat and his Not Another Owl Hat hat depending on the weather (the Not Another Owl Hat is super warm).

A link to that beautiful hat designed by Oombawaka Designs can be found here.


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