Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My 52 Week Crochet Challenge: Week 8

A few days ago I joined a 52 week crochet challenge.  Each week there is a new task to be completed.  The challenge started 7 weeks ago, but they say just jump in and join there is no need to start at the beginning.  So this is MY 52 Week Crochet Challenge.

 Week 8

This week your challenge is to go through any unfinished projects you've had sitting around and either work it or frog it.  If you don't have any unfinished projects (really?!) then show us what you've been working on.
Last month I started working on a Pokemon inspired Charmander doll for my son.  I got about half way done and then got side tracked.  Well, for this challenge I have resumed working on the doll and hope to finish him soon.  

This is the only before photo I have.  Note, there is no legs, no feet and no tail.  The mouth is not finished and I still need to add the eyes and nose.

*The free bunny rattle pattern can be found here Easy Amigurumi Bunny by Tangled HappyMade for my nephew for Easter!

 I guess I didn't complete this challenge because I'm still missing the felt eye and felt flames for the tail.  Still need to pick up some red, yellow and orange felt to complete, but my son plays with it as is.


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