Friday, 13 June 2014

My 52 Week Crochet Challenge: Week 14

Week 14

Crochet in public sometimes this week and tell us about your experience.
52 Week Crochet Challenge

So I'm a little behind on my challenges this month because my lovely sister and brother-in-law from over-seas came down for a visit.  She just left to go back home and will be really missed by all.  We await your next visit eagerly.

This challenge was super easy since I usually carry small projects around in my purse.  I usually do my work while waiting for appointments or when I'm sitting in the car waiting for my son to finish his piano lesson, but to do this weeks challenge, I took my hook and a ball of 100% cotton yarn and sat on a bench at the park, one evening while my kids played, and I crocheted a slouchy hat.

Some people stopped to watch me.  One lady asked what I was making, when I told her she said "That's so neat!  You are literally making something beautiful from string and a stick, how cool!"  Most people, though, paid no attention to me.  I saw a couple of parents from the neighbourhood who I know.  They stopped by to say "Hello!" but no comments on what I was doing.

On a different occasion, I took a small ball of acrylic yarn and whipped up a baby beanie with some bear ears while at a different park.  There weren't many people there.  One little boy asked what I was making and when I told him, he just walked away and went back to playing.

People at the doctor's or dentist's office don't ask what I'm doing or making...usually.  There are those occasions where you have an older lady, who also crochets, comments on a pattern or project, but mostly people pay no attention to me.... they are usually engrossed with something on their phone or tablets!

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