Saturday, 31 May 2014

My 52 Week Crochet Challenge: Week 13

Week 13 

Find a new crochet tip to try this week.  A good place to start is at Crochet Central: Tips and Tricks.
52 Week Crochet Challenge 

A new crochet tip eh?!  There are lots of them out there.  I've been crocheting for 7 years now and have come across a ton through out the years that I currently use, so I decided to check out the website recommended for some new ideas and there were a ton of handy tips and tricks, some, I never would have thought of.

I liked the one where people were storing their yarn in clean, empty pop bottles for neat and tidy storage (I don't actually have any empty soda bottles at home right now to use for a demonstration).

Another great tip was placing your yarn (especially when working with multiple colours) in a colander and sticking their yarn through different holes to keep things from tangling up.  That was a great idea!

But the new crochet tip I found this week that I actually really like, is by Stacey Trock of Fresh Stitches Amigurumi.  It's what she calls the "The Sloppy Slip Knot".  I actually prefer this method now, when working with my amigurumi projects.  I'll be honest, I'm not sure if I'll use this method all the time, when working in the round, because I do like using the magic ring, but it's a great alternative!      

Another great tip I read was when finishing up for the day and you want to keep you work from unraveling, place a bobby pin or safety pin in your last loop to hold it securely, so it won't pull through.

Also, you can use a bobby pin as a stitch marker.  It doesn't shift around too much and is thin enough to stitch around.

There were some great new tips and tricks I learned this week.  Another great challenge!

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  1. Lots of great tips, thanks for sharing! I like to use bobby pins as stitch markers, especially the one without the bumps, they slide in and out of stitches much easier. I think they make them for securing hair rollers. I like the idea of the sloppy slip stitch too, but I agree with you, I would be more likely to use the magic ring. Love the colander idea though, I'll have to try that.