Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Colourful Bouquet

Roses, sunflowers, poppies and daisies!

I originally got into the idea of selling my crochet projects when I started making hair clips for myself. I'd wear them out (either casually...spring or summer and more formally in the fall and winter... for specific events) and I would have so many people asking where I got them from.  I'd reply that I made them; everyone kept telling me to sell them.  It wasn't until I ran into a friend of mine, who, at the time had a little 2 year old daughter who was wearing almost the exact flower hair clip that I would make.  I asked my friend where she picked that up and was told that she got it from Clair's.  I was stunned and really toyed around with the idea of selling but had no idea how to get started and get my product out there.  There are so many people selling hair clips, it was very overwhelming.

I love making flower hair clips because I can customise the type of flower, their colour and size and embellishments (if any), and style.  I love how something so small can enhance a hairstyle so dramatically!  I also love how I can quickly crochet one up if I feel like wearing one.  I love the tiny ones with the glass bead in the centre, a few of those on a formal hair-do elevates the elegance just that little bit more!

I have given many away to friends and family so my stash is a little low.   It has been a while since I've made them, I should make some more, soon! 

I have a friend coming over so I can braid her hair, I will ask if I can put some flowers in and take a photo to show you how nice they look and how they add just that splash of colour!  I will also make some time and crochet different types of flowers and post photos.  

These flowers also make great accessories for scrapbooking, card making and gift toppers!

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