Monday, 17 March 2014

Megaman vs. Protoman

For hallowe'en my eldest son wanted to be Megaman, a retro video game character, automatically making my younger son wanting to be Megaman as well... What one does, the other one follows!

I had no idea where to get such a costume so I decided to crochet one up.  It all started with Megaman's famous helmet.  I found a helmet pattern on Etsy, which included a pattern for the ears.  I increased the length, added a finishing edge, the stripe and square at the top of the hat and a chin strap to complete the look.  I came up with a super simple pattern for the shorts after the shorts we bought did not fit him correctly.  I also came up with a straight forward, simple pattern for the leg and wrist warmers (one wrist warmer was just solid blue while the other was a Megabuster--Megaman's weapon, with all the decals to go along with it).

Once I had the Megaman costume done my youngest decided he didn't want to be Megaman anymore but rather his rival brother, Protoman!  I used the same helmet and ear piece pattern for Protoman but omitted the chin strap.  I also had NO IDEA how to create the pattern that goes on the front of Protoman helmet which stumped me for a couple of days.  After several attempts, I finally came up with something and threw it all together.  I also made a set of leg and wrist warmers (one solid red and the other in the Protobuster style).

My husband made the cardboard leg toppers and busters that went over the leg and wrist warmers.  

A link to the pattern I bought from Etsy can be found here.

The hats and wrist warmers are super fuzzy.  They have been washed countless times since hallowe'en because the boys play with them a lot!

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