Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Corner to Corner Afghans Are All the Rage... or so it seems!

So it seems that everyone is crocheting these awesome corner to corner (c2c) afghans lately...or maybe I'm just noticing them more since I've totally fallen in love with this technique!!  Since it feels as if everyone is raving about the c2c way of crocheting, I decided to try it out.  I ended up finding it to be a super quick and easy pattern, and I just love the textured look the finished project gets from this style of crochet.  I also love how fast the rows work up.

I got about 15 rows in and decided to turn it into a pillow case for a decorative pillow I have that's in need of a new cover.  I have only finished one panel so far and will need to come up with a boarder idea.  Here's a link to the Corner To Corner Afghan video.  Check it out, it's super quick and easy; great for beginners who know how to double crochet and are confident enough to try something new!!!  Give it a whirl!   The c2c afghan works up so soft and cuddly and would make a great baby blanket, perfect for a baby shower gift! 

Side note, I chose the green and pink stripe so it ties in with this beautiful tapestry I own.  Purely a personal touch!

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