Monday, 26 May 2014

My 52 Week Crochet Challenge: Week 12

Week 12

What is the best crochet tip you learned that you use all the time?  Please share links too.
52 Week Crochet Challenge 

Week 12's challenge is not much of a challenge, but it is a great question!  For me, the greatest tip I learned, and it's one that I use every time I crochet, when working with different colours, is how to switch between colours without having to tie little knots; it was revolutionary!  I couldn't believe it, no more trying to hide those pesky little knots within my projects.  No more weaving in tails through out my projects.  No more hoping I tied my knots tight enough so that it doesn't pull out and look loose and untidy.

Unfortunately, I do not remember the site where I had found this tip the first time.  It was on YouTube, but for the life of me, I cannot find it.  Here is a link to a different tutorial video that teaches how to easily change colours while crocheting and how to hide the tails while doing so WITHOUT knots, and below you will find my photo tutorial of how to do it!  Enjoy!

My version of how to change the colour of yarn when crocheting

Start by making an sc as you would normally....

... insert hook, pull up a loop, there should be 2 hoops on your hook.

tie a slip knot on your hook with the new colour and then  use the new colour to pull through both loops on hook and voilà!

Now, when you go to make your next sc (or hdc, or dc, or tr....same rules apply, add new colour when there are 2 hoops left on the hook...or in hdc's case, 3 hoops) leave the tails from the end of the original colour (in this case blue) and the tail from the new colour (white) on top and slide your hook under.

 Then yarn over and pull up a loop and finish like a regular sc (y/o and pull through both loops)

 This way, the tails are hidden under the new sc. 

 Continue this a few more time to secure the tails and make sure they can't come undone.

 I usually do it anywhere from 4 to 8 stitches, and ta-da, no tails to weave in!!

This has been the best and most used tip I've come across so far.  I wish I could remember the link to the lady who posted the video I stumbled upon to give her credit for teaching me this method because it has become my go-to method for changing colours!! 

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